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Thank you for supporting our ambition to narrow down our community wealth gap through entrepreneurship.

JOIN US in a Great Opportunity to help other women who can't afford to help themselfGWEN would like to partner with You to help others across The United States and Beyond. This donation will be a tax-deductible donation We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves women, ages 18-52.

Founded in 2016, Global Women Empowered Nationally (GWEN) has the sole aim to Educate, Enrich, Empower and Equip,  women to be thriving, self-sustaining leaders and effective agents of economic growth within their communities, to remove barriers that hinder business growth and sustainability. 

The education that we provide remains effective in the digital technology space as a tool to partner with and leverage our business strategies to strengthen our community.

GWEN connects its vision through a variety of leadership development, technology education, networking, mentoring, and life skills to increase equitable opportunities for all levels of women and business ownership, equipping them with the tools to take action and thrive in their homes, school, workplace, and community.


Collecting Donations

$ 25

 Monthly Donation-
of any amount

We appreciate your support of any amount. 

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We appreciate your support, for any amount

Donations of any amount

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"No one has ever become poor from giving"
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