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Malinda Williams is the Founder and CEO of GWEN, Global Women Empowerment Network

specializing in leadership growth

and development in 3 key areas:

Faith, Family, and Finance. In 2016,

reflecting on the support she had received from women in her

personal and professional life,

this is how GWEN was birth, as a

way to Educate, Inspire and Empower others to establish a balance as they navigate through their individual journeys in their own lives. 


As the CEO of GWEN, Williams has mentored, coached, and developed high-performance teams, to deliver on her commitment. Williams is

dedicated to ensuring ongoing programs and fundraising initiatives

to support women’s empowerment

on a local and national level, 


Malinda is honored to be a Wife,

Mother, Entrepreneur, Sister, and Friend. She is best known for information seeking. 

 For more than 20 years, she has demonstrated an exceptional leadership skill set to empower others. Aside from being an esteemed entrepreneur in her own right

Williams also has held high-level leadership roles within the corporate healthcare systems.


She firmly believes in the fellowship

of women, the grace in helping one another, and the power that each one can succeed, if you continue to

remain focused and work hard.   


Malinda Williams

GWEN Founder and CEO

Discovering your purpose with
Dr. Malinda Williams


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in 2022


Dr. Williams



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